Pneumatic DPF Cleaner

The TrapBlaster is the flagship of the FSX product line, utilizing patented technology to clean filters significantly better than competing designs. Using state of the art technology, these machines clean diesel particulate filters like no other. Using automatic or manual operation, the operator can immediately see the progress and status of the filter cleaning operation as it happens – no more “guessing” whether the filter is clean. If cells are particularly bad, switch to manual operation and spot-clean the affected areas. Upper and lower air jets allow cleaning from both ends of the filter, not just one. The FSX technology has a built in diagnostic feature that makes it possible to detect filters that are failing.

Fully automatic operation with manual capabilities for custom cleaning of particularly bad filters. High pressure air jets clean from both ends to ensure optimum filter recovery. Cell by cell cleaning ensures entire filter is cleaned. Adjustable nozzles allow access to hard to reach flanges and recessed cavities. “Side Stitch” mode allows focused cleaning on outer edge of filters typically undercleaned by other systems. Diagnostic features during cleaning allow detection of failed cell walls and defective filters.

Thermal DPF Regenerator

Thermal regeneration will burn off any remaining soot deeply set in the ceramic cell walls. The thermal process uses ambient air while heating. Carefully programmed to deliver just the right amount of heat. No air being pumped though the filter reduces the risk of cracking the filter or causing thermal stress. 100% of soot is burned off during the thermal regeneration.