Manual High Pressure Cleaning

Bio-Friendly Manual Parts Washing at High-pressure

The BIO-CIRCLE HP Vigo combines the advantages of our BIO-CIRCLE low-foaming cleaners and degreasers with the power of high-pressure cleaning in a closed washing chamber in an ideal way.

This machine cleans components and parts with complex geometries in an efficient and reliable manner due to human dexterity, flexible hoses and the 80 bar adjustable, high pressure nozzle.

:: Removes extremely persistent contaminations such as oils, greases, environmental dirt, etc.
:: Reduction of volatile solvents (such as e.g. acetone).
:: Cleans stainless steel, steel, plastics, and varnished surfaces

Bio-Circle Surface Technology GmbH is an international enterprise headquartered in G├╝tersloh, North Rhine-Westphalian. The company has since been standing for the development, production and sales of innovative chemical and biotechnological products in the field of surface technology.

The Bio-Circle HP Vigo Plus isa  state-of-the-art technology and can be used in all sectors of the processing and manufacturing industry and trade.

Bio-Friendly Manual High Pressure Cleaning - Western Filters
Bio-Friendly Manual High Pressure Cleaning - Western Filters