SCR Catalyst Cleaning

Give Your Diesel Engine the Care It Needs with and Washing from the Team at Western Filters When something goes wrong with a diesel engine, the first instinct is often to start replacing problematic components Certainly, replacing something like a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or a Selective... ... read more.

Diesel EGR Cleaner

When and Why to Seek out a Professional Diesel EGR Valve Cleaner for Your Vehicle The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is a crucial component of any diesel engine, or any internal combustion engine in general Vehicles that run on petrol or diesel rely on the EGR valve to recirculate some of... ... read more.

EGR Cleaning Solution

Extend Your Engine Life with EGR Cleaner Solutions from Western Filters DPF Cleaning Services When you put your engine to work, it takes a severe beating Not only mechanically, from the intense heat and pressures that occur, but also in terms of the grime and sludge buildup Every part of the... ... read more.

DPF Cleaning Services

DPF Cleaner and Cleaning Services If you are looking to have the soot and ash removed from your vehicle’s DPF (diesel particulate filter) unit, then Western Filters’ DPF cleaning service can provide this and more We are the only DPF cleaning service that provides a comprehensive before and... ... read more.

Diesel Filter Cleaning

How Services Work, and How You Can Use Them to Gain a Cleaner DPF Diesel engines are a popular choice for a reason: their additional power and superior fuel economy compared to a gasoline-based engine make them well-suited to heavy-duty work and many other roles Whether you're a tradesman... ... read more.

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

What to Do When You Need a Cleaner DPF: Finding Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Service You Can Trust Every vehicle comes with a pre-set list of maintenance milestones Sticking to this schedule is an easy way to stay on top of the most important steps to take for car care On the list are... ... read more.

DPF Pneumatic Cleaning

Use to Clean Your Filters with Unparalleled Power and Precision When you push your equipment to the limits, you can get amazing work done But the longer that your trucks and machinery work under that kind of pressure, the more their filters suffer To maintain peak performance, you need to keep... ... read more.

EGR Valve Cleaner

Clean and Unclog the Dirtiest EGR Valves with Ultrasonic DPF Cleaning Western Filters DPF Cleaning Services is proud to offer the best filter and valve cleaning technologies possible To achieve this goal, we feature expanded cleaning technology that uses ultrasonic vibrations to achieve remarkable... ... read more.

DPF Hydro Cleaning

Western Filters Service At Western filters, we use a water-based DPF cleaner to cleanse all diesel particular filter types for a range of diesel vehicles, off-road equipment and stationary power plants We are the first company to introduce DPF hydro cleaning technology into the Australian market... ... read more.