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Professional DPF Cleaning Services - Compare the Difference !


Professional DPF Cleaning Services


Western Filters DPF Cleaning Service

Incl.'Before & After' flow rate report !

If your late model truck, 4WD, SUV or car is going into limp or clean-mode.. more often than usual, it's time for your DPFs to be cleaned. Get them cleaned professionally with Western Filters using the Cummins endorsed, FSX DPF Cleaning Systems. From diesel Mazda 3s to the Holden Captiva, you'll find use a DPF.

If your truck is going into limp-mode or clean-mode more often than usual, it's time for your DPFs to be cleaned properly by our Professional DPF Cleaning System which has been endorsed by Cummins. On the other hand, if your DPFs have filtered over 150km of road time, having them professionally cleaned could improve your fuel economy and extend the life of your DPFs.

Who are Western Filters ?

Established since 1981

Western Filters is a trusted family business which has been servicing the Greater Sydney area, New South Wales and beyond.. for over 30 years.

We provide a 'true value', comprehensive filter cleaning service which now includes a professional DPF Cleaning Service. We stock a broad range of filters, filter kits, Fuel Filter Water Separators, Provent Catch Cans aswell as many other products including prominent brands such as; Baldwin, Donaldson, Racor Parker and Sakura, we stock all major brands and some.

Visit our Online Store at www.westernfilters.net.au, or find us on eBay, Trade Me, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube - where we have uploaded DPF Cleaning and filter installation videos.

What is a DPF

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs)

Most diesel cars are fitted with a DPF which will eventually need to be cleaned. An added benefit of having your DPF cleaned is improved performance. DPFs have thousands of small square channels made from porous, honeycomb ceramic material, delivering 99.9 percent Pm-free gas flows out the tailpipe. The filtering occurs as the flow passes through the square channelled wall.

The Western Filters DPF Cleaning Service will recover alot of the lost performance of a reasonably aged, quality DPF. DPFs require a regular service known as 'de-ashing' or filter cleaning. This process is required to remove unburned lube oil that has accumulated in the DPF. Our DPF Cleaning Service is recognised as one of the best in the world.

Follow these Steps

To get your DPF cleaned:

1: Have your mechanic remove the DPF
and remove all sensors from the DPF
2: Package the DPF.
3: Notify TNT on 13 11 50
that an item needs to be picked up
(we have an acc.).
4: Fill out the con-Note
(supplied by the TNT driver).
5: Notify Western Filters and keep your
mechanic informed every step of the way
7: Run assessments on your DPF
8: Payment on Completion
9: DPF Reinstallation.


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    April 2016: Over the last six months, Western Filters has purchased a second DPF Cleaning Machine, this time employing the latest technology from Europe. With this addition, along with our existing FSX Cleaning System, we are able to offer our...



World Class DPF Cleaning Services

As part of our strategy to keep improving our servicing efforts, Western Filters have invested in the latest DPF technology from Europe and the USA. By purchasing brand new machinery to work alongside our existing FSX DPF Cleaning System, to provide the best DPF Cleaning Services available.

The benefits of our latest machine which will be used on the most stubborn of blocked filters, will be added to this site as we move into the new year. The FSX system which is world class and suitable for the more typical clean, is endorsed by major engine manufacturers in the USA and Europe.

With many of these machines now in service around the world, we are proud to be delivering the only DPF cleaning system within NSW.

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